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Maurice O’Brien     Director \ Producer \ Filmmaker



Maurice O’Brien is a documentary filmmaker who produces and directs as well as filming much of his own work.


He has made many films for the BBC – including ‘Northern Soul: Keeping the Faith’ about one of the UK’s biggest underground music scenes; a film about the first literary depiction of recreational drug use ‘Confessions of an English Opium Eater’, presented by Dr. John Cooper Clarke; and the climactic episode of the landmark series ‘The Story of Scottish Art’.


His cinematic short ‘Buffalo Dreams’ has screened at numerous festivals around the world, including Full Frame, NY Op Docs, Sydney Film Festival and Edinburgh Film Festival, winning ‘Best Short’ at Hot Springs Documentary Festival.


Other long-form films include a history of Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’, an intimate portrait of Irish street photographer Tom Wood and a two-part series on that most maligned of musical instruments – the bagpipe – and how it has existed in musical traditions all over the world for centuries, which involved filming in Italy, Greece, Spain, Ireland and Canada.


His film on Scottish literary icon William McIlvanney premiered at Glasgow Film Festival 2015, earning 5 star reviews and an honourary commendation in the Scottish Parliament.


He spent many years making dozens of films for the Culture Show and has also made a number of films for Newsnight.  His work for Newsnight {and the One Show} included covering world famous economists, land activists in Andalucia and young women struggling to receive education in India.


His aim is to invest everything he does with a sense of soulful intelligence, style and empathy, mapping connections between people and ideas.


Maurice is currently developing a number of ideas for feature documentaries and fiction shorts and is taking part in Sheffield Doc Fest’s ‘Future Producer School’ 2016.


He began his media career as a print journalist in Dublin. Outside of filmmaking he is a keen musician and published short story writer, and has travelled extensively in India, China, the US and South America.


Check out the resumé above for further credits and below is a selection of past work.




A selection of some past and present work


Click here for extended film collection


(BBC4 / TX: September 2015)


(BBC2 / TX: September 2013)


(BBC4 / TX: February 2014)


(BBC2 / TX: November 2010)


(International Festival Release / Rel: 2013)


(BBC1 / TX: April 2013)


(BBC2 / TX: September 2012)


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